How To Interview A Professional Wedding Photographer

Hiring the professional photographer is similar to hiring a new employee in several ways, you must be sure this really is a person who you can depend on with your wedding and wedding reception images. Treat him or her exactly like a real job applicant and then judge how you both interact with each other.

Producing a checklist

You’ll find a long list of professional wedding photographers in the community phonebook; however it is much simpler to get onto a local bridal website and just see who people endorse. This specific listing is far shorter and will connect you with a higher quality photographer without needing to contact every possible professional photographer.

When you have a listing of professional photographers, begin calling them to arrange a meeting. Try not to schedule them too close to each other so you can take just as much time as you need with each of them. If you’re in a rush, you may forget to pose particular questions and you could even forget which photographer said what.

Compose a list with concerns that you’ll want to express. You can ask about charges, per hour rates, additional costs, travel expenses, various shooting strategies, and more. Make an effort to consider every question that you as well as your soon-to-be spouse can, even if you suspect that they sound silly. No point will be too stupid, and whenever the photographer has been in the business for enough time, they have probably heard them all.

Your own interview technique

One important thing that really works best, in talking with professional photographers, is to always aim to make certain you are driving the discussion. You will need to make certain you get your own personal opinion into the discussions, and not just being informed what other couples are doing, hearing about their fees, and just how great their service are.

However, if you really feel like you’re being sold a product, instead of an opportunity to get some excellent photographs, you may then cut the consultation off and leave. There is no need to consider anybody until you are totally satisfied with your choice.

Look at the photographers samples with care and make sure you are looking at ones that are recent. In some cases photographers will attempt to show older style images, however, if this is simply not your style, then it’s essentially not applicable. When evaluating the photographers images, consider the quality of the photographs and look for poses that you prefer.


All your photographs will function as an important reminder of the delights and fun on your very special moment. You need to make sure you choose a person who will create works of art with your precious photographs. Don’t hurry in finding a professional, but get it done early, especially if you are living in a smaller sized town, because these specialists can book up early.

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